Fresh Meats

Your Source For Fresh Meat

Nickabob’s is your source for fresh meat. Our products are cut fresh daily. We use only high quality USDA graded products.

Tell us what you want and we’ll custom cut it for you at no extra charge.

Variety Meat Packs

Want your money to go farther? Nickabob’s offers several variety packs for your convenience. We can also customize a pack to suit everyone’s budget. Ask an employee for further information.

Economy Pack: $94.99


10lb. assorted chicken, 10lb. ground beef, 5lb. pork steak & 5lb. assorted beef steak.

Meat Lovers Pack: $149.99


10lb. beef steak, 10lb. beef roast, 10lb. ground beef, 5lb. pork steaks or chops & 10lb. assorted chicken

Ceder River Pack: $109.99

(2 Steaks Per Pack)

1 pack of t-bones, 1 pack of rib steaks, 1 pack of top sirloins, 1 whole tri-tip &  5lb. of burger.

Pork Pack: $84.99


10lb. pork chops, 10lb. pork roast, 5lb. Italian sausage & 5lb. country style sausage.

All Natural Extra Lean Ground Beef Packs:

25lb. ground beef  $92.25
50lb. ground beef  $174.50